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Search the entire and accurate MLS with us – simple and free
We have setup and subscribed to this searching service to allow our visitors access to the powerful searching tools provided by the Multiple Listing Service for the greater Chicago area. We encourage you to register with us when using these substantial tools. Doing so will allow you to save searches and set notifications on specific properties or neighborhoods. We only ask for your name and a valid email property

We will then send you immediately a confirmation which grants you full access to the search tools for the MLS. We have a high level of respect for our potential clients and will never share your name or email with anyone under any circumstances, Patrick and Victoria carton have built their reputation as conscientious, honest and professional Realtors. The user registration allows us to monitor the website traffic and provide you with certain information you maybe request, such as a comprehensive analysis of your property or one you are considering purchasing.

There are basically 4 ways to search. You may search via a map, use a simple basic search, search by address or use the advanced search screen. We recommend using the basic or address search at first to get the lay of the land. The MLS services are a little tricky at times, and that you should be aware of as well. To obtain listings for 340 East Randolph Street, Chicago, IL 60601, you may have to try “340 Randolph” or “340 E Randolph” in the Search by Address screen to get the results you are looking for.

Eventually, you will get the hang of things and you should be able to use this powerful searching tool to help you evaluate your property by comparing it to others on the market, or use this tool to find a new residence with all the features you want in the neighborhood you prefer.

Feel free at any time to give Patrick or Victoria a call or send an email if you need help using the tools …

Happy Hunting!
In the search screens there is often an option to search by zip code. We have provided a simple guide to help you isolate a zip code to use in your search. To view the guide click this link: Zip Code Guide

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