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Kenilworth  –  60043

Kenilworth was recently identified as one of America’s most affluent zip codes by The village is a haven for buyers seeking privacy yet proximity to the city. Large businesses are notably absent, and the community enjoys a wealth of mature trees and cozy parks. Its top-rated school district consists of the Joseph Sears School and New Trier High School, which consistently ranks among the best high schools in the U.S. There are also a variety of local private schools.

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With only 850 homes in a .6 mile radius, Kenilworth is the smallest community on the North Shore. Homes range in price from $600,000 to over $6 million. Centered around the town assembly hall, the Kenilworth Club, pristine lakefront mansions blend with comfortable Prairie -style homes built by architect and original resident George Maher. Spectacular new construction is available, while strict architectural standards maintain a tradition of elegance.


In addition to a beautiful public beach, Kenilworth enjoys flowing fountains, lacrosse and baseball fields, parks, gardens and a Historical Society that enthusiastically preserves the community’s history. Residents dine out in nearby villages, or walk to the Kenilworth Metra Station for a short train ride into the city. Annual traditions such as a Memorial Day parade preserve Kenilworth’s All-American feel.

Kenilworth, Illinois - Featured Premiere Chicago Downtown Condominiums - Featured Premiere Chicago Downtown Condominiums - Featured Premiere Chicago Downtown Condominiums